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Operate vessels under its management in a safe, seaworthy and
mission capable manner.

Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

Strive to improve safety of life at sea and protection
of the environment by...

At a minimum, maintaining all safety, lifesaving, environmental protection and firefighting equipment in accordance with the applicable international and statutory requirements.
Providing environmental protection and safety awareness training to all employees.
Encouraging all personnel to act in a safe manner, minimizing the possibility of injury, loss of life, damage to the environment or damage to property.

Comply with all relevant marine environmental legislation and regulation requirements concerning the protection of our environment and the requirements of PGM’s Revised Environmental Compliance Plan.

Prevent the discharge of oils, garbage or other hazardous substances into the environment.

Respond promptly and efficiently to pollution incidents.

Establish safeguards against all identified risks to ships, personnel, and the environment through a process of risk assessment and mitigation.

Establish and monitor progress towards environmental protection objectives and targets.

Strive for continual improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environmental protection, including the areas required by PGM’s Revised Environmental Compliance Plan.

Maintain and test contingency plans for safety and environmental protection.

Support all employees in their efforts to ensure the vessels are operated and navigated in a safe manner consistent with the practices of good seamanship.

Commit to pollution prevention that emphasizes source reduction with respect to engine room, machinery space waste streams, and effective management of cargo related wastes, and to include funding and human resources necessary to maintain and repair the vessels systems, equipment and components found in machinery spaces of vessels effectively during all phases of vessel operation.

Commit to striving for continuous reduction
of environmental risks.

Commit to sharing information with external stakeholders on environmental performance.

Commit to train, educate, and foster among all shipboard and shoreside personnel the need for solid environmental stewardship through a conscious effort at pollution prevention and accurate recordation of shipboard evolutions.

Strive for environmental performance demonstrating continuous improvement in regulated and non-regulated areas.


Pacific-Gulf Marine, Inc., as a Responsible Corporate Citizen, is committed to conducting business in a manner consistent with the safeguarding of the health and safety of personnel, as well as protection of the environment.  In this spirit, it is the policy of Pacific-Gulf Marine to:

All employees of Pacific-Gulf Marine, Inc. are required to comply with the policies set forth in the company’s Management Systems Manuals, as well as all applicable national and/or international statutes and requirements.


A recap of PGM’s Environmental Management System achievements since 2009 includes the following:

  • Modifications completed for creating polluted water tank No. 40 for increasing bilge holding tank capacity.
  • OWS upgrades completed and approved by class. i.e. OEM polishing filters and upgrade of oil content monitors.
  • Small waste oil tanks installed and being utilized across the fleet.
  • The Environmental Tag System on board all PGM managed vessels has been replaced with a new system. ETS protocols have been provided to all vessels.
  • The MARPOL standards computer based training was distributed to the fleet and is being utilized for training on a continual basis. All new crewmembers joining the vessel are required to complete the training within 30 days. All crew members and Operational Shoreside Staff are required to complete the training on an annual basis.
  • Management System training, computer based training was created and distributed to the fleet to assist in each crewmember’s awareness of PGM’s commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection. All new crewmembers joining the vessel are required to complete the training within 30 days. All permanent crew members and Shoreside Staff are required to complete the training on an annual basis.
  • An Environmental Training Syllabus was developed and distributed to the fleet and PGM offices to assist in identifying the environmental training requirements which apply to each crew member and office employee.
  • Continued implementation of an Environmental Awareness course for shipboard officers, in conjunction with the American Maritime Officers Union
  • Continued implementation of an Environmental Awareness course for unlicensed crewmembers, in conjunction with the Seafarers International Union.
  • Replacement of chemical products in general use onboard our vessels with more environmentally-friendly products in each of these product types:  hand cleaners, machining and tapping fluids, and general degreasers.
  • Increased the number of vessels in our fleet with Oily Water Separating (OWS) equipment capable of operating at 5 Parts Per Million (PPM), exceeding the regulatory requirement of having less than 15 PPM.
  • Continued implementation of a material recycling program for used batteries at PGM’s Offices.
  • Continued implementation of a material recycling program for used electronic equipment at PGM offices.
  • Continued reduction of paper consumption at PGM’s Offices by printing and copying utilizing duplex function.
  • Trial program for introducing additives to the fuel oil system with the intent of increasing combustion efficiency, thereby reducing stack emissions, has been extended for further research on one vessel.
  • Procurement of a fuel mill for installation onboard one vessel with the intent of promoting more efficient combustion and reducing sludge accumulation.
  • Continued implementation of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Vessel General Permit (VGP) onboard training for all crew members.
  • Initiated energy consumption assessments on board our vessels to identify fleet wide best practices.
  • Continued training of Environmental Management System for shipboard Officers at the Annual Training Conference.

PGM is committed to pollution prevention with an emphasis on source reduction and will continue to closely monitor our progress in meeting all of our environmental objectives & targets, stay tuned for further developments in 2012.

Public Disclosure:  In accordance with FAR 52.223-22, Pacific-Gulf Marine, Inc. (PGM) is required to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions produced by assets and related reduction goals.  At the present time, PGM does not own any assets/equipment that produce greenhouse gas emissions.  PGM does possess corporate-leased vehicle(s) that follow the federal emission standards for on-road vehicles issued by the EPA.  Due to the absence of greenhouse producing assets, there is no reduction goal to establish at this time.