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2013 Annual Ship Awards  

2014 Group 16 Crew Members with PGM Representatives

PGM’s President/CEO Todd Johnson visited the Ship Group 16 vessels in Alameda, CA, in March 2014, and he conveyed the company’s appreciation for continued efforts put forth by personnel on all three vessels. Emphasizing the need to work as a team in supporting one another across the ships, Todd’s message was clear that priorities must always focus on safety, mission-readiness, and customer service.

In recognizing the KEYSTONE STATE as the 2013 recipient of the company’s Safety Award, Todd presented the award to Chief Engineer Ron Parrish and his team for its diligence in maintaining a heightened level of safety awareness.

2014 KEYSTONE STATE Crew Members with PGM President/CEO Todd Johnson (far left) and Ship Group Manager BJ Courtney (far right)

2014 GRAND CANYON STATE Crew Members

The GRAND CANYON STATE was recognized for the vessel’s commitment to environmental consciousness in performance of daily duties. In accepting the Green Ship Award for the second consecutive year, both Chief Engineer Jordan Foss and Chief Mate Adena Grundy noted that prevention of potential environmental incidents was attributed to the full participation by the ship’s crew.

Demonstrating an improvement in overall performance for calendar year 2013, the GEM STATE earned high honors as recipient of 2013 Performance Award. Chief Engineer Adrian Passion accepted the award on behalf of his fellow officers and crew.

2014 GEM STATE Crew Members


2012 Annual Ship Awards

2013 GEM STATE Crew Members with
Ship Group Manager, BJ Courtney

As expected, all three ships scored well on our annual review of Safety, Performance, and Environmental aspects of daily operation and management.  The continuity and efforts of all crews and their management teams have resulted in high scores across the board, which made the determination of these awards very complicated and difficult.  The efforts of all have been well noted and are greatly appreciated.


The KEYSTONE STATE has demonstrated the highest level of safety consciousness on a daily basis.  The emphasis on safety on a daily basis combined with a team effort to maintain safety as a high priority item has been witnessed.  Review of training records, routine reports, and follow up on preventative actions details their continuous efforts to increase safety consciousness and as well as the overall safety record on their vessel.  Comments made by external auditors in regards to the proper stowage of hazardous materials further demonstrated their ongoing efforts to maintain their vessel in a safe and sea worthy condition.

2013 KEYSTONE STATE Crew Members with
RRF Program Manager, Rich Boyer


2013 GRAND CANYON STATE Crew Members with
COO, Dale Sirois

The GRAND CANYON STATE has dramatically improved their performance across the board in 2012. The morale, vessel reliability, and the overall performance all have been turned around and brought to the level of her sister ships. Audit reports have improved to equal those of her sister ships. Their reports and deliverables have also shown dramatic improvement. Their responses to requests for information, such as management system reviews and internal correspondence, have also improved.


The GRAND CANYON STATE has shown dramatic improvement in their environmental consciousness with regard to all daily operational functions.  The total crew involvement has been important in this change in mind set.  The discovery of a leaking drum in the cargo hold and subsequent issuance of a non-conformity initiated a fleetwide preventative action, and it further demonstrates their efforts in the prevention of potential environmental incidents.

2013 Group 16 Crew Members with PGM Staff Representatives


Crew Members from the S/S KEYSTONE STATE accepting the 2011 Safety Award from PGM Corporate employees Rich Boyer and Dale Sirois.

Earlier this year, Dale Sirois and Rich Boyer visited the RRF Group 16 vessels in Alameda, CA, and they presented the 2011 Safety and Performance Awards.

The PGM Fleetwide Safety Award recognizes the vessel that demonstrates the best ongoing efforts to comply with all safety regulations, policies, and procedures, as well as to continually look for ways to increase safety awareness onboard the vessels.

In presenting the 2011 Safety Award to the Officers and Crew of the KEYSTONE STATE, Mr. Sirois commended all crew members for their continued vigilance, excellent overall safety record, and their proactive effort to instill a strong safety culture in all onboard activities.

Crew Members from the S/S GEM STATE accepting the 2011 Performance Award from Dale Sirois and Rich Boyer.

The PGM Fleetwide Performance Award recognizes the vessel that best demonstrates consistent high levels of performance in meeting contract requirements and providing high levels of service to our customers.
This year the proud officers and crew of the S/S GEM STATE were recognized for their efforts and received the 2011 Performance Award. During the presentation the ship’s staff was specifically recognized for timeliness and professionalism in meeting contract mandated reporting requirements.




A banner received by the Port of Long Beach, CA, in recognition of PGM’s 2011 Environmental Achievement award.

In other news, PGM itself was a recipient of the 2011 Environmental Achievement award from the Port of Long Beach, CA, for voluntarily having its vessels comply with additional stringent environmental goals while arriving in and departing from the Long Beach port. Environmental objectives have always been, and continue to be a core area of focus for PGM, its vessels, and its employees.





Another Successful Training Conference

Todd Johnson Presenting Ethics Training

PGM hosted the 2011 Officer’s Training Conference the week of May 8th thru 13th. The Training Conference was held at the Hilton Garden Inn French Quarter/Central Business District. This year’s theme was “Your Role as a Manager and Leader, Make No Mistake…Leaders must take Ownership.” More than 15 senior officers & RRF Group Managers attended the conference.

The conference kicked off Monday with a Welcome Theme Presentation by Dale Sirois, followed by a review of Job Hazard Analysis presented by Dan Smith. The afternoon consisted of Auditor Training also presented by Dan Smith and then training on PGM’s Management System Structure, the interrelationship of the elements, presented by Marlaina Shrives. Following Monday’s sessions, the officers adjourned for a social gathering which allowed conference attendees and PGM personnel to visit on the poolside rooftop of the Hilton Garden Inn, enjoying a view of beautiful downtown New Orleans.

Crew Members from the SS Gem State accepting the
2010 Safety Award

The next two days consisted of various training sessions including the Daily Use of NS5 for Purchasing, Payroll, Crew Management and Drydocking presented by Barbara Hotard, Tara Bourgeois, Captain Lund, Scott Ward, Tom Schneider, Alex Butler and Adrian Passion; Social Responsibility presented by local labor attorney Tommy McGoey; Incident Reporting presented by Phil Rapp; Non-Conformity Non-Retribution presented by Todd Johnson; Information with Third Parties presented by Dale Sirois; and Use of Standard Operating Procedures presented by B.J. Courtney and Ron Parrish. A significant amount of time was also dedicated to Environmental Compliance by PGM’s Corporate Compliance Manager, Bill Richards.

Crew Members from the SS Grand Canyon accepting the
2010 Performance Award

Thursday focused on Vessel General Permit training, with presentations from David Hiller of the MARPOL Training Institute and LCDR Craig Toomey from the USCG. The afternoon sessions continued with the theme of Shipboard Environmental Practices and Vessel General Permit training with presentations given by David Hiller, Captain Langford and Marlaina Shrives. The officers adjourned the day to attend a company dinner at Pat O’Briens Restaurant on Bourbon St. where attendees were able to mingle with shoreside staff and their families.

Ethics Training was given on the last day of the conference by Todd Johnson and Shaun Clarke. The conference concluded with a discussion on the annual awards.

Crew Members from the M/V Ocean Titan accepting the 2010 Green Ship Award.

Later in the summer, Todd Johnson visited the RRF Group 16 vessels in Alameda, CA and presented the 2010 Performance Award to the vessel’s crew of the S/S Grand Canyon State, and presented the 2010 Safety Award to the vessel’s crew of the S/S Gem State. The 2010 Green Ship Award was presented to the vessel’s crew of the M/V Ocean Titan, by Assistant Technical Superintendent Scott Ward